miz creates things

(often badly - but sometimes not)!

i think every self-respecting website should have marquee, compatibility be damned.

my name is miz! i am an artist of many things. i mainly work with visual art like graphic design and illustration, but i've dabbled in writing and music. i also like crafting things. i like doing a lot of things - often badly, but that's part of the process!

i used to do a lot of code. i thought i would be a programmer one day. and i still want to be! but in college i fell in love with STS (science, technology, and society). i grew up thinking i would be a scientist of some sort. however, i found science communication incredibly compelling. i was especially interested by how scientists and non-scientists interact with science. i'm currently interested in AI ethics, the philosophy and history of science and technology, and how we can build a better internet.

i'm queer and filipino. i'm currently based in the US for college. i hope to come back to the philippines and engage with policy and education to create stronger scientific interest and literacy.

outside of what i consider my worksona i like reading comics and making my blorbos kiss. i usually like to play games but at the moment i'm really just into project sekai and tetris/jstris.

important: everything here, like me, is a work in progress. i often stop myself from publishing/sharing things before they're 'perfect' according to my arbitrary standards molded by the polished and perfect social media internet i grew up on. i'm tired of that. so while i know i am and will forever be in progress - i must learn to accept that others will see incompleteness anyway, and stumble forward.

> about me / my history
> livin' in a lonely www.orld / a manifesto
> cool sites by cool kids / site recommendations
> the case for lower case / an essay
> update log

some of my projects and the things i'm involved with:
> scicreate youth
> cause philippines
> the knight and the farmer (webtoon)